Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Opening Night At The Roxie!

I am all about supporting the 48 Hour Film Project community, so I make every effort to come to all the screenings. It Donned On Me won't be premiering "Sur Mesure: Journeys In Transpersonal Haberdashery" until Wednesday night, but I did ventured out to The Roxie for the first screening. For those who are interested in attending these screenings, I highly recommend that you get your tickets online. Luckily, I ordered my ticket earlier in the afternoon, because had I not, I would have had to stand in the rush line. It did not look like the theater sold out on opening night, but at least I was able to get a decent seat.

As I stood in line, a familiar face approached me. It was Jeff Crispi, our leading man from "Doggie Style." Jeff is looking pretty good. He shaved off 25 pounds and he's gunning for another 75. Jeff worked with Atlantis Entertainment on the film de femme film "Held At Bay." Unfortunately, the film was not turned in on time, so it won't be eligible for the major awards. However, the producers did finish it, and it did get turned in, so it was screened first. I sat with the "Held At Bay" team.

A few films stood out for me. I really enjoyed Straight To DVD's superhero flick "Will Power." This action/comedy/musical/fantasy/call it what you want to call it film made me laugh out loud. I wonder if Straight To DVD really wanted to pull the musical genre but didn't, but made one any way. It wasn't a full on musical, but it definitely had elements of one. What made this film work was its quirkiness and comic book cheeziness. I definitely give "Will Power" two thumbs up.

"Getting Weird" by How Now Brown Scary Cow also gets my vote because I really felt like I was high watching it! If we could have 3-D films, why can't we have a smell-o-vision feature where Mary Jane puffs through the screen and her MJ funes just permeate through the theater for all to enjoy? How Now Brown Cow nailed this one. They didn't just make a stoner film, it looked like they were actually stoned making it!

"Midday Serenade" by The East/West Connection also impressed me. This romantic comedy didn't have anything extravagant like special effects or crazy costumes, but it was quirky enough to keep my interest. I often find myself going off on tangents when reading a good book, so I really related to the progatonist.

The film that really stood out for me was CurlyHairedPeople's "The Greatest Holiday Story Ever Made." I was excited to come to this screening to see this team because I absolutely loved their Barbie meets The Italian Job detective/cop flick from last year. I am a big fan of CurlyHairedPeople, and they certainly did not disappoint. Their making of a holiday film had enough gags to keep me laughing throughout the whole film. Kudos to CurlyHairedPeople!

Below are the three films I voted for. As for the audience award, I must choose CurlyHairedPeople's holiday film.

“Held At Bay” - Atlantis Entertainment

Genre: Film De Femme

“Heaven Is A Place on Earth” - Proper Thought Studios

Genre: Sci Fi

“Will Power” – Straight To DVD

Genre: Superhero

“Two” – The Compost Heap

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

“Midday Serenade” – The East/West Connection

Genre: Romance

“Mataha Bar” – Zero Hour SF

Genre: Horror

“The Telegram” – Tico

Genre: Mockumentary

“Custom Framing” – No My Day Job Productions

Genre: Detective/Cop

“Getting Weird” – How Now Brown Scary Cow

Genre: Stoner Film

“Movements” – 1 Blue Spore

Genre: Drama

“Changing Tempos” – Asian Mainstream Productions

Genre: Musical

“Thunderfingers” – The Pants Production

Genre: Buddy Film

“The Greatest Holiday Story Ever Made” – CurlyHairedPeople

Genre: Holiday Film

“Night Session” – Pillybooka

Genre: Fantasy

Monday, June 8, 2009

Haberdashery Poster

My job now officially begins. It is time to market the hat out of this mockumentary!

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Elena Cruz
To: sanfrancisco@48hourfilm.com
Cc: Erin Bertiglia
Sent: Sunday, June 7, 2009 11:30:32 PM

Hi everyone,
Congrats on completing the SF 48 Hour Film Project! Just wanted to give you an update on the screenings and comp tickets:

How to get them: A volunteer (most likely Erin) will be standing in front of the Roxie from 6:30pm - 7pm to give out your comp tickets. They will be under the "team leader's name + 1." Team leader - figure out who gets the +1 on your team. No need for the +1 to arrive at the same time. Also, do not wait in the will-call line or ask the Roxie box office for your comp tickets. Just go directly to the volunteer with the clipboard and collect your tickets.

Remember, your comp tickets are for the 7PM show for your screening night. Please let me know ASAP if you want a comp ticket for the later show instead (at 930pm).

If you bought your tickets online, please wait in the "will call" line.

If you are buying your tickets that same day, there will be a separate "day of" line.

After the 7pm show, there will be a Q&A - have 1 or 2 people prepared to represent your team. I may ask everyone...what lesson did you learn? (in case the audience is a bunch of duds).

Don't forget to tell family, friends and co-workers about the screenings. Feel free to bring props/anything to bribe the audience into voting for you (that would definitely work for me). Remember, ALL FILMS are eligible for the Audience Award, late and on-time.

Please feel free to email me with any other questions. Great job, everyone!! Looking forward to seeing the films.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sur Mesure: Journeys In Transpersonal Haberdashery

We have a title! Voila: Sur Mesure: Journeys In Transpersonal Haberdashery. How's that for a title?? Yes, it sounds absurd, but when you see this film and see how absurd it is, you will understand. I am very happy to announce that It Donned On Me completed our 9th film together as a team! WOO HOO!! I am too tired to give the minute by minute recap, so below is the visual representation of our post production Sunday.

Hats off to It Donned On Me!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Mockumentary About Hats?

Here we go again! The 48 Hour Film Project is always exciting, but there is just something about the San Francisco event that gets me worked up! I love the energy, and amazingly enough, I was able to keep the adrenaline pumping throughout the whole day and into the night.

I arrived on set to let the team in. We were scheduled to have Brenda Usher-Carpino, our Hatista, come in at 9am, so the crew had to be there bright and early. I showed up with a Mini Cooper full of hats.

Our Hatista arrived, and is immediately sent to hair and make-up. Dinah preps her up while Evan, Rick, and Rob set up for the opening scene. We begin to shoot the scene at about 10am.

All our other actors begin to trickle in one by one. I spend the bulk of the morning sewing hats to the ceiling and running around like a chicken with its head chopped off. Thank God I have Colleen, IDOM's latest addition. Colleen was my production assistant, and she was a great help!

Shortly after the crew filmed the opening scene with The Hatista, Daniel, our Japanese business man, got into hair and makeup for his big scene. Evan shot his scene in three takes and moved on to scout out locations for the Mark and Ryan's scenes. I went ran off to Jade Cafe to get lunch for the cast and crew. The mu shu pork and fortune cookies sat in the dining area while we jumped right into the group therapy scene. A few of us IDOM'ers got to make cameos.

After lunch, we went to the warehouse to film Ryan and Jeremy's scene. Ryan had on the goofiest "Blossom" hat. It looked like a yamaka with a big flower on it. Hilarious. There is definitely chemistry between these two.

After the crew completed Ryan and Jeremy's scene, they moved onto the Mark's scene in his cube and in the board room. I wasn't there for most of that, but I heard that Mark and Evan had to go through a few takes because they were cracking each other up the whole time.

After Mark's scene, Joanne picked up some dinner for us and then we headed to Mark's place to film Colleen's scene. This was the final scene, and Colleen totally rocked it. I never knew she had it in her!

It's a wrap! After a long long day of filming, IDOM'er was able to say the words every crew member wants to here: IT'S A WRAP! We packed up all our equipment, thanked Mark for graciously offering his home for the shoot, and headed home for some shut eye. We agreed to meet back at headquarters at 10am the following day for post production.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Third Time's A Charm In San Francisco

It seems like just yesterday I was at Fat City pulling out the road movie genre, and IDOM ended up making a little film called "Urgent Care." That was two years ago. Well, it's that time again, and I am excited for the 2009 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project! This is where it all started for It Donned On Me, and this will be our ninth film together as a team. And to think, our third stab at San Francisco almost didn't happen due to scheduling conflicts. I'm glad things worked out, because it would have really sucked if IDOM had to pass on this event!

Dinah and I arrived at Poleng Lounge on Fulton & Masonic to get the required elements for the 2009 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project. The two IDOM'ers patiently waited at the bar as everyone checked in. I looked around for familar faces, but the only one I recognized was the robot butler from "Servo," Team Chaka Khan's leading man from their 2008 48HFP submission. Dinah also recogized Curly Haired People, who gave us that awesome Barbie Meets The Italian Job flick last year. I looked around for the Barkada boys, but no luck. At about 6:30pm, Elena Cruz, The San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project Producer, announced that we would get the show on the road by 7pm.

Representatives from each team gathered up on stage to pull the genre from a hat. Actually, it was a manila envelope. It Donned On Me fell into group B, so we had to patiently wait for the first group to. Oh the anticipation!


Claude or Claudette Green, Guitarist

A hat

Line of Dialogue:
“I believe anyone can change."

The rest of the IDOM team gathered to brainstorm. Evan threw out the idea of making a mockumentary about hats, since the required element for the prop is a hat. Evan also noted that since the required line of dialog is "I believe anyone can change," we could open the mockumentary with that line. This mockumentary would be about a "hatista," or a life coach, who helps people improve their lives with hats. Every one seemed to like this idea, so we fleshed it out for the next two hours.

The characters for this mockumentary was decided. The hatista would be played by Dinah's friend, Brenda Usher-Carpino. The other characters would be played by Mark Hodgson, Ryan Boyd, and Collen Haight. Jeremy Marquez will play Claude Green, our guitarist. We decided that there would most likely be a bunch of cameo appearances by fellow IDOM'ers and friends.

Done! This was easy! I think it helped that we've done this eight times before, two of which were real documentaries. In any case, we all decided to meet back in the morning at 8am. My task for the rest of the night was to find every hat I could. This could be challenging.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome Colleen Haight!

Please welcome the newest addition to the IDOM Team!

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Quang Khoi
Quang Khoi; Evan Donn; Dinah deSpenza; Tom Flowers; Kirk Moore; Rick Kemp; Rob Carey; Michael Evyzov; Sig Thorsen; Joanne Donn; Joe Kirsch
Sent: Monday, June 1, 2009 3:50:45 PM
Subject: Re: 48HFP New Rules and Highlights in 2009 + Drop-off info

Bring Colleen on board! I know she's a scholar, so I know that her paperwork must be impeccable. It's tough without Sig (and Joanne, for that matter), so it would definitely save us if Colleen is handling paperwork. I remember for TwirlyBoy, I had to deal with the paperwork stuff on top of being in the film. That was crazy. Fortunately for me, Sig showed up on that Sunday and took the burden away. Having one designated person to do paperwork would be life saver.


From: Rick Kemp
To: Quang Khoi;
Evan Donn; Dinah deSpenza; Tom Flowers; Kirk Moore; Rick Kemp; Rob Carey; Michael Evyzov; Sig Thorsen; Joanne Donn; Joe Kirsch
Sent: Monday, June 1, 2009 3:40:25 PM
Subject: RE: 48HFP New Rules and Highlights in 2009 + Drop-off info

Hey IDOM'ers! I'm looking forward to another weekend of artistic abuse. Colleen offered to help out in any way and/or spearhead the paperwork shuffle if need be since Sig will be absent and it sounds like Tony will be short handed. She really enjoys the process of these competitions but did not want to be an interloper. I will bring her along for the event unless I hear otherwise from the group. Tony, if you want her to manage the paperwork let me know in advance. I will direct her her to the rules and regs section of the competition website so she will be prepared. See you all on Friday!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Talent Round Up

I'm getting a little excited, can you tell?

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Quang Khoi
To: Evan Donn; Dinah deSpenza; Tom Flowers; Kirk Moore; Rick Kemp; Rob Carey; Michael Evyzov; Sig Thorsen; Joanne Donn; Joe Kirsch
Sent: Monday, June 1, 2009 10:47:31 AM
Subject: Re: 48HFP New Rules and Highlights in 2009 + Drop-off info

IDOM Peeps!

The SF48HFP kicks off this Friday!! Dinah and I will attend the kick off event to get the required elements. Let's meet at Dolby on Friday, June 5th, at 7:30pm. As of now, I have received confirmation from Evan, Dinah, Rick, Rob, and Mike who are in. Sig, unfortunately, will not be able to participate this time around, and Joanne will be in and out. Joe, Kirk, Tom? You in? I don't want to bombard you all with email after email, so if I don't hear from you by this Wednesday, I will automatically remove you from the distribution list. I will be bringing along an assistant to help assist with minor duties such as catering and such. I found that with "A Place Like This..." it was not enough having just me and Mike!

As for actors, I have lined up two talented comedians whom we've worked with in past: Ryan Boyd and Jeremy Marquez. Ryan is a tall good looking biracial male, 30-ish, can pull off a thug or a romantic lead. Jeremy is a 30-ish Filipino male. He was in my musical "Featherweight Blues." These two are funny, and very fun to work with. They are both very comfortable in front of the camera. I also have lined up a 40-ish Caucasian bald male named Mark Hodgson who is well versed in theater and is a good character actor. He has a collection of facial expressions and voices. Ryan and Mark are the two I am most confident can carry our film. Dinah also noted she may have a potential female actor. I'm working on some other female actors, but I wouldn't rule out Isabelle, who played the neighbour in Urgent Care. I recently bumped into her in the City and she asked when we were going to put her in another film, lol.

As for soundtrack, Dinah noted that she met with a composer and performer named Ajayi Lumumba, who is classically trained and has written scores for theater. He is an OPC faculty member. If we wanted to go the route of an original score, we have the Dolby theater for recording. I don't see anythind in the screening room calendar, so I think we're good to go.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

48HFP Filmmaking Tips

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Elena Cruz
To: sanfrancisco@48hourfilm.com
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2009 4:32:25 PM
Subject: 48HFP Filmmaking Tips

Hi everyone!

Here are some time-tested tips for making a better 48 Hour Film. Please read them, and forward them to your team.
  1. Plan well. Set a schedule and stick to it as best you can. Remember: 15% of all teams do not make the deadline. Output the video to tape—whatever shape it’s in—at 3pm on Sunday. This will be your backup. You can always send a teammate with this tape to arrive before the deadline. Give yourself plenty of time for outputting the final video and getting the film to the drop-off location. Last minute glitches have caused teams to be late. And, one second late is still late. REMEMBER--Check the audio and video on the tape to make sure that they’re there.
  2. Test your equipment ahead of time. Make sure everything works.
  3. Prepare your final tape. Make sure you have the correct media, and enough for a backup copy. (miniDV, DVD or flash drive). The first thing your editor should do is lay down 5 seconds of color bars and tone, 5 seconds of black, your slate (team name, city, year, title, genre), the new 48HFP animated video label, which can be found here http://www.48hourfilm.com/filmmakers/slate.php (OR a title card with: "This film made for the 48 Hour Film Project 2009. www.48.tv"), 2 seconds black and then YOUR FILM.
  4. AVOID GUNS: Most importantly, we want you to live through the weekend. In two of our cities, the 48HFP almost turned into a tragedy, when teams with cast members carrying guns were surrounded by police officers with their guns drawn. No 48HFP Project, or any film for that matter, is worth risking life and limb. We recommend not using guns at all in your shoots. If you do use guns, you should follow all safety precautions and get the proper permits for having guns in your shoot.
  5. Sound problems are the most common technical problem. Here’s our advice: A) Find someone who knows how to do sound. B) Test your sound gear with your camera and editing system in advance. C) Make sure you have good audio levels on your final tape. We get 1-2 tapes each event with NO SOUND! Test those tapes before you run them in.
  6. Do as much as you can ahead of time—but this only includes securing equipment, team members, and locations. Also buy and prep any food for your cast and crew. (Some teams have been able to get restaurants to donate a meal.)
  7. Make sure you have the required prop, character and the line of dialogue in your film. The line must be verbatim. Teams have been disqualified for missing a word. Appoint a script supervisor – someone to make sure you get all the shots and lines you need. When you shoot out of order and under pressure, it's easy to drop things!
  8. Because video projection systems vary from theater to theater, we have run into problems with movies with dark scenes looking too dark. Please keep this in mind while planning your shoot. There is usually nothing that we can do about it at the theater.
  9. Keep your film as short and simple as possible. Save yourself some time and complications by limiting the number of locations. Some of our best films have been shot in only 1 or 2 locations. Also, keep it short! Most teams err by using the entire 7 minutes when they could have told their story in less time.
  10. Begin editing early during the film weekend. While you shoot, have a runner take completed tapes to the editor, who can start digitizing and putting together a rough cut.
  11. Have Fun—Be Safe. No, this is not an ad for safe sex—rather, we’re big advocates of safe filmmaking. The 48 Hour Film Project is an exciting, fun competition. However, it’s not worth risking life, injury or property. As team leader, you must ensure the safety of each person on your team – whether on the set or on the drive to the Drop Off location. It’s better to be safe and late, then to have an accident on the way to dropping off your film.
  12. Spread the word about the screenings. This is the chance for your colleagues, friends and family to see your film on the big screen.
With less than two weeks to go, we hope you're getting everything
together for your wild weekend of filmmaking.

See you next week!
Elena Cruz
San Francisco Producer
48 Hour Film Project

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Your Doc Challenge Film on SnagFilms

This little documentary of ours keeps sticking and pounding along!

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Doug Whyte
To: Doug Whyte
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 12:09:51 PM
Subject: Your Doc Challenge Film on SnagFilms

Hello - Good news! The International Documentary Challenge just signed an agreement with SnagFilms (www.snagfilms.com) to have a Doc Challenge Channel on their site. We will be joining other channels such as Cinetic, IndiePix, ITVS, Media That Matters, and PBS, among others. We are launching our channel with 15 Doc Challenge films from the last 3 years and we have selected your film to be a part of the initial launch!

SnagFilms is ad-driven and we will be splitting the revenue 50/50 with SnagFilms. After our related expenses, we will be splitting our cut with you - 75% to you and 25% to us. I am not sure if this will generate much revenue, but we'll see. Hopefully you will get a check or two in the future that will cover a nice dinner or two.

To be able to include your film on the channel we need two things from you:

1) Two hi-res stills (or screen captures if that is all you have.)
2) A 2-3 sentence description of your film

Please send these to me ASAP. If we don't receive these materials from
you by June 5, we might not be able to include your film.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.


Doug Whyte
Director of Media Arts Programs
KDHX Community Media

Friday, May 29, 2009

48HFP New Rules and Highlights in 2009 + Drop-off info

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Elena Cruz
To: sanfrancisco@48hourfilm.com; Erin Bertiglia
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009 10:24:19 AM
Subject: 48HFP New Rules and Highlights in 2009 + Drop-off info

Hello San Francisco filmmakers:

Here's some info that I still owe you:

6PM - 9PM (on-time films by 7:30pm)
806 S Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 824-1800

Also, ticket sales are now available! Buy them early b/c they will sell out:

Price: $9.75 general admission, $5 for seniors/children

As the 48 Hour Film Project enters its 9th year, we continue to update and modify our rules. This year there are a few changes.

1. 2009 Genres

We've done our customary genre shake-up. Road Movie and Spy have been retired for the year. In their place we've brought back popular genres Buddy Film, Mockumentary, and Superhero. And it wouldn't be the 48 Hour Film Project without those three beloved words: "Musical or Western"!

Here’s the complete list of genres:
* Buddy Film
* Comedy
* Detective/cop
* Drama
* Fantasy
* Film de Femme (see below)
* Holiday Film
* Horror
* Mockumentary
* Musical or Western
* Romance
* Sci Fi
* Superhero
* Thriller/suspense

Film de Femme
Never heard of a Film de Femme? That's because we invented it! This genre is specifically designed by the 48HFP to encourage strong roles for females in 48HFP films. A Film de Femme is a film featuring one or more strong female characters. Romantic comedies or "chick flicks" are included in this genre, but are only a subset. What's a strong female character? Think Ellen Page in Juno, Salma Hayek in Frida, Reese Witherspoon in Election, or Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich. Smart and complicated. Try to avoid having a woman doing a man's job like a man would do his job. And contrary to public opinion, strong women characters are not required to kill someone!

2. 2009 Wild Card Genres
After genres have been selected, filmmakers will be given the option to trade in their genre for a Wild Card Genre. Once you switch, you can't switch back! Wild Card Genres will be randomly assigned to each city. See the list of possible Wild Card genres below.

* Fable
* Family Film
* Foreign Film
* Ghost Movie
* Historical Fiction/Period Piece
* Martial Arts
* Silent Film (see http://www.48hourfilm.com/silentfilm )
* Stoner Film
* Surprise Ending
* Tragedy

3. We’re going back to Cannes! We will be taking a selection of the best 2009 48HFP films to Cannes in May 2010.

4. Each City Winner team (i.e., the winner of “Best Film” in your city) will receive a FREE copy of Movie Magic Scriptwriting software (value $248)

5. The 48HFP is on Facebook… find us at “48 Hour Film Project” and see recently uploaded videos of Kickoffs from around the world.

6. We’re happy to report that once again the 48HFP is partnering with the Screen Actors Guild to allow SAG members to participate in 48HFP films. If you are thinking about using a SAG actor, here’s what you should keep in mind:
* You must complete the SAG Short Film Agreement as modified by the 48HFP Rider (2 copies - both with original signatures)
* You must have your SAG actors complete the SAG Employment Agreement as modified by the Rider
* You must complete the SAG Internet Use Rider for each SAG actor, if you would like to put your film on your personal website for resume purposes only. (Other internet uses will still require permission from SAG.)
* You will have more limited distribution options. For any but the most basic uses, you will need to contact SAG to secure additional rights.

Go to http://www.48hourfilm.com/filmmakers/sag.php for more information.

7. As a reminder, USB Flash Drives are accepted media! However, we will not be able to return the drive to you. If you choose to submit your film on a USB flash drive, you must follow the guidelines for submitting a quicktime file found here: http://www.48hourfilm.com/quicktime

8. In place of the customary required title card that states, "This film made for the 48 Hour Film Project 2009. www.48.tv" we are providing you with an alternative - a brief animated slate that identifies the film. Use of the animated piece is not mandatory, but it is preferred. Note: you must use either the title card or the animated slate in your film. To access the video label, go here: http://www.48hourfilm.com/slate

If you have any trouble with the file, just create the title card.

9. Each team must deliver a Team Leader’s Agreement signed by the team leader to the Kickoff Event. The team leader doesn’t need to be at the Kickoff, but his or her signature does! The Team Leader’s Agreement is at: http://www.48hourfilm.com/filmmakers/documents.php

10. Go to http://www.48.tv/ to see 48HFP films! A selection of early films, all of the 2006 and most of the 2007 and 2008 48 Hour Films can be seen on our own web channel, 48.tv. The site allows you to rate films, send links to friends, and search for films. The site has been in a beta testing phase since last year, and new features are in store for 2009. Filmmakers continue to be able to upload their film to 48.tv -- no more waiting for us to make it through our backlog. The site will have social networking functions (think Facebook or MySpace) so that filmmakers can provide info about themselves and their teams, and can communicate on-line with each other. And lastly, you can look up a film in our 48HFP Film Catalogue, and link directly to it on 48.tv. Try it: http://www.48hourfilm.com/filmcatalogue/

Or see what’s on 48.tv right now!

Good luck on all of your preparations.


Elena Cruz
San Francisco Producer
48 Hour Film Project

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kickoff, Drop Off (sort of) and Screening Assignments Schedule

Looks like we're in group B...

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Elena Cruz
Date: Fri, May 22, 2009 at 3:16 PM
Subject: Kickoff, Drop Off (sort of) and Screening Assignments Schedule
To: sanfrancisco@48hourfilm.com

Hello 48HFP San Francisco Filmmakers:

Below is the listing of when to be where for the Project film weekend. Please read the Kickoff, Drop Off and Screening Information carefully so that you're in the right place at the right time.

You must have someone present to draw the genre for your film in our random drawing. Please limit total attendees to 2 people since there is a capacity limit at the venue. If additional team members want to join, they can wait for you at the bar in the lounge area (not at the tables, which are reserved for dinner guests). Also, note that this venue is open to having people under +21 attend.

Friday, June 5
6:00 - 7:00 pm

All teams arrive at 6pm – participate in check-in and genre drawings. Leave at 7pm

1751 Fulton (@ Masonic)
San Francisco, CA
*there is a pay lot across the street at Albertson's

Your film must be received by 7:30 p.m. to be considered on-time and eligible for all awards. Late films will still be screened (but not judged), so be sure to get them in!

Sunday, June 7
6:00 - 9:00 pm

"On-time" films by 7:30pm!

PLACE TBD (I will send you the info next week)

*If you cannot make it by 9pm, we will accept films until midnight. Please call my cell phone at 415.235.5641, and I will let you know where you can drop them off.

At the end of this email, please find the official screening times and groups for the San Francisco 48HFP Project. Your team has been assigned to a group. Please notify me if you absolutely need to switch screening groups.

Before you get deep in the moment of filmmaking, just a note about the screenings:
  • Don't forget to invite your family, colleagues, friends and film-lovers to the screenings. The info is below.
  • Let your team members know which screening to attend to see their film.
  • For each screening group, the audience will vote for their three favorite films and from these votes, one film will be awarded the audience award. There will be 4 Audience Awards in San Francisco.
  • At the screening, feel free to celebrate your film (and to lobby the audience for votes). In the past, film teams have worn costumes, handed out candy and postcards to the audience in the lobby and brought posters and props along to the screening.
We're looking forward to a series of fun and exciting screenings!

Elena Cruz
San Francisco Producer
48 Hour Film Project


San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project Screening Info

Roxie Theater http://www.roxie.com
3117 16th Street @ Valencia,
San Francisco, CA

June 9, 10, 11, 15 & 16
Time: 7:00 and 9:30 pm each night (note: each screening group will be screened twice per evening)
Tuesday, 6/9 - Screening Group A
Wednesday, 6/10 - Screening Group B
Thursday, 6/11 - Screening Group C
Monday, 6/15 - Screening Group D
Tuesday, 6/16 - Screening Group E
Each team leader receives 2 comp tickets to the 7pm screening where there will be a Q&A afterwards.

Tickets will soon be available online at www.roxie.com - I will send a separate email once it's up with cost info.

You can also buy tickets at the door or beforehand at the Roxie.

SCREENING GROUP A (Tuesday, June 9)
1 Blue Spore
Asian Mainstream Productions
Atlantis Entertainment
How Now Brown Scary Cow
Proper Thought Studio
Not My Day Job Productions
Straight to DVD
The Compost Heap
The Pants Productions
Zero Hour - SF

SCREENING GROUP B (Wednesday, June 10)
Assmart Film
10,000 Eyeballs
Barewitness Films
DVIant Productions
Poppy Shell Productions
RadioActive Studios
Red Beard Productions
Team Rocket
The Fearless Bastards
West Enders
It Donned On Me

SCREENING GROUP C (Thursday, June 11)
Four Eleven Productions
Outlaw Media Productions
Taza Films
The Cine-Files
Wooden Trellis
Big Legs
Chinese Takeout
Creative Prowess
Straight Arrow Productions
Team J
Third Man Productions
WHOmentors.com, Inc.

SCREENING GROUP D (Monday, June 15)
Astigmatism Productions
Midnight Cowbells
Montage Productions
Paraffin Productions
A Derisive Apology Productions
Disposable Film
ENZ Entertainment
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