Sunday, September 30, 2007

Life Takes IDOM.

I am sitting here on the guacamole green Ikea couch trying to comprehend what happened last night. I had to stab myself a few times with a butter knife to see if I was really awake and not dreaming. I now have a few scars on my thigh, but at least I have proof that everything that happened in the last 24 hours was real. I am proud to announce that IT DONNED ON ME finished in the top three of the Visa "Life Takes" Invitationals and walked away with $2500.
What an awesome achievement. As Evan Donn noted, "the competition was strong - all of the top ten films were great, and honestly at the end of the night it could have gone to anyone!" Big congratulations to the first place winner, Team Midas' "Two Coins," and the Grand Prize winner - Team BP's "Terms of Use." IT DONNED ON ME was definitely in good company. I swear, we must be the happiest bronze medalists ever. It never was about winning or losing for us. We were just happy to participate in the 48 Hour Film Project. Making it to the top 30, and then the top 10, and finally to the top 3 was icing on this crazy little cake that we baked from scratch.

Below are some random snapshots from the Visa "Life Takes" Invitational screening an after party at The Bubble Lounge. Along with the butter knife scars on my thigh, these pics are proof that what seemed so very surreal is, in fact, very real.

It is by chance that we met, but it is by choice that we stayed together. We started out as 10 random strangers who met at the College of San Mateo, and now we are award winning film makers. It donned on me that life takes a lot of things: talent, passion, creativity, camaraderie, respect...this little team of film making enthusiasts from that school up on the hill has it all, and I am proud to be a member.

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Sig said...

Thanks for the great re-run of our really fabulous event!